Sponsors, welcome to the platform that’s designed with you (and your customers) in mind

HealthLaunch was created with input from healthcare professionals, industry experts and pharmaceutical industry clients. Its innovative technology aims to make it easier for your customers to access your programs and services.

Be Where Your Customers Are

HealthLaunch is an online platform that integrates the services of medical practitioners, allied health professionals and pharmacies to make access to program information easier and to support patient care and outcomes.

Fast-Track Your Launch

Creating a new program is, in most cases, just a matter of customising what’s already there. And that means less build time and more cost-efficiencies in getting programs to market. The simplicity of registration and enrolment for healthcare professionals can expedite program discovery and participation.

Compliance and Pharmacovigilance

HealthLaunch complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, and works closely with pharmaceutical company legal, pharmacovigilance and medical departments to ensure all programs hosted by HealthLaunch are compliant.

Cost Effectiveness

Programs can be costly to run – from technical builds to delivery and ongoing program management. Efficiencies in processes, however, create efficiencies in costs. HealthLaunch can add value and speed to your programs and services... and your bottom line.

Just Host on HealthLaunch

HealthLaunch is a platform for healthcare stakeholders and has the resources to help you develop tailored health programs. Or, if you like, you can just host a new or existing program on HealthLaunch to maximise efficiencies.


HealthLaunch security has been coded to industry gold standards, with end-to-end data encryption to protect all personal details, customer data and patient information.